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The Promise Bicycle Giveaway Essay Contest Parameters

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Children are encouraged to write a 50 to 400 word essay (dependent upon age grouping) describing in as many words how the child/ young adult would benefit from receiving a refurbished PROMISE FOUNDATION bicycle.

1 Only one essay per student will be accepted. Student must be in good academic, attendance and citizenship standing at their school, but, there will be no grade requirements or judements.
2 Each essay should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a past or present teacher of the author’s choosing.
3 Essays must be original, unpublished work written by the participant.
4 The length of the essay shall not be more than 400 words.
5 All essays must be submitted in English and clearly printed in ink or typewritten on 8 1/2 x 11” paper. The content of the essay is more important than the length or the author’s English language skills.
6 The author’s name and/or address must NOT appear on the essay.
7 On the back of the essay please write name, age, address, telephone, and email. Also, include name of school, grade level and your classroom teacher’s name, so if you win we can find you!

Thanks to everyone who makes a difference! Be the change you want to see!

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